Middle 8

From the top of the Pacific Northwest weaving their poignant, introspective lyrics through textured melodies and intricate guitar riffs enhanced with vocal strength and mass appeal.

Glued together from the remnants of several short-lived indie rock bands, Middle 8 got its start after Drummer David Caron and Vocalist Mark Wright dissolved their hard rock band, Black, in early 2000.

"We decided to do a project that was acoustic guitar driven with bass and drums" says Caron. Wright and Caron, who have been writing and performing together for eight years, worked out the tracks for Middle 8's debut album "Hero" over four weekends in late 2001.

"David's production vision and my writing vision met somewhere in the middle," says Wright, "and it turned into Hero." For the recording of Hero, Canadian musicians, Vince Schofield and Dale Anaka, formerly of the alternative rock syndicate, Glimmer, were brought in to lay down the guitar tracks. Their stint in Middle 8 was cut short after they were stopped at the border coming here not allowed to finish tracking. "The U.S. customs authority thought they were coming here and making money playing gigs, so they wouldn't let them in with instruments." says Caron. "Jess Gaedtke, a friend and local guitarist from Seattle, ended up finishing the last few guitar tracks on the record." Dale was able to comedown for a visit at the end of tracking and finished up some guitar tracks on "One" using Mark's acoustic guitar.

With the release of Hero, Middle 8 expanded their outfit to include Bassist Linda Hurley. Hurley, a veteran of several San Diego area rock/pop outfits, and one-time bass contender for Hole, was strolling through a local record store and spotted a "Help Wanted" poster. "I called and talked with David, and stepped up." says Hurley. After having a few speed bumps trying find a lead guitarist who could reproduce the sonic feel of the album, expand on ideas and fit with the band's character, Middle 8 gathered guitarist Chuck Rames to join the group. With a few minor adjustments and the growth of musical chemistry between the band mates, Middle 8 is now up and running at full speed.

Middle 8 plans on recapturing the former Black fan base with a bit of a different style. "We decided to use the same method The Beatles did for writing music" says Caron. "They would take it right to the studio, and then took it live."

In its 6 year run, Black released three albums selling over 6,500 copies and received air play from stations as far away as WNTI in Hackettstown, New Jersey. They appeared twice on the Jenny Jones show, and opened a Northwest date for Queensryche on their last tour.

Using their vast experience and previous accomplishments, Caron, Wright Hurley, Rames and Lint are already making Middle 8's Hero ear candy for fans. "We were the number one album for the first two weeks and in the Top 10 since release date at the Sam Goody in Bellingham." says Caron. "Not too bad for a band just getting started."

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