I cannot imagine a life without music.

As long as I can remember, I have always been either involved, or a passive bystander. My mom sang opera, I had to take piano lessons from my Gramma....ouch!, and I always took music lessons in school. Go figure.

So by the time I was in high school, being a glutton for punishment, and longing for a life of spandex, big hair and chicks, I decided that I wanted to play bass. Bass bought, school abandoned, I went on to play in many bands, at many locations that I couldn't even get into legally. Hours of practice, and sheer will, allowed me to be a part of numerous forgotten original and cover bands, and subsequent recording projects for rock and jazz and bluegrass.

Problem was that bass didn't allow me to create the music I felt, so I started to play guitar...ever tried to write a song on a bass? I didn't think so. And, even though I played keyboards, mandolin, harmonica and sang, guitar became my passion.

Can I play guitar? Not really...Do I enjoy it? Certainly! Is this a band that you will like? Absolutely! That is, if you don't like big hair and spandex...

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