David Caron is originally from Miles City, Montana. His mom brought him to northern California at the age of three and that is where he lived the better part of his life, until moving to Bellingham Washington in 1988.

David's only dream has been to make his living writing, playing, and being involved with music in anyway he possibly could. It started when he began hearing and feeling the joy of music played by his whole family. "Everyone played an instrument or sang while I was growing up", David said. He didn't just hear records as a kid, he felt the message very deeply. He just knew he would do music, somehow.

David started out playing a steel guitar his mom brought home, because she liked the instrument. As time went on, David grew to love the sound of the instrument also, and still does today. But still, the drums were it! He always thought people like jazz greats Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich were amazing! The rhythm was where it was at. David even used to pound on pots and pans turned upside down on the floor, with butter knives as sticks. David feels his drumming style is very musical and rhythmic because of these influences.

Songwriting is also a passion of David's. The music theory classes David took throughout high school and college gave him the necessary tools to help chisel out songs that have been recognized 4 times with achievement awards given by Billboard magazine, during two recent songwriting contests.

Living in the San Francisco Bay Area gave David access to one of the more abundant music scenes around. He had the opportunity to record in many of the San Francisco Bay Area's finest recording studios; and perform in many of the areas largest venues.

David recently built his own 32 track recording studio, Seventh Heaven Studios, in Bellingham, Washington. BLACK was born in Seventh Heaven Studios starting with Mark and a few of his local musician friends. David was originally hired to produce the record, but one thing lead to another and he ended up playing on the album as well. He was later asked to join BLACK full time. Through several incarnations and three CDs later, Black was a labor of love for David.

When Black wound down, Mark and David decided to write another record and move forward-with a new name and new faces. That brings us to Middle 8 and the new CD "Hero."


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