A Bass Player, a Massage Therapist and Steel Detailer/Drafter....what does Linda want to be when she grows up?

In astrological and metaphysical terms, I am known as the "Thief"...the jack of all trades, master of not many. I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express once.

I started my musical quest at age 8 when Santa left me a Tiger Beat drum set. As a youngster, I had piano lessons and played the trumpet until I blew myself dizzy then I discovered the guitar. My older sister taught me a few chords and we used to jam and harmonize in the bathroom where the acoustics were sweet.

My first experience with the bass was one by chance. A friend of mine taught me the notes to Eddie Money's "Shakin" and then threw me up on stage later that evening to play with his band at a premiere LA nightclub with no prior experience...and there it began...

Since that fateful night, I have been in a heavy metal trio (the Late), an all female rock band (The Signal), a new wave 80's act (Detour), a free style dance/ pop trio (Decadance) and now Middle 8.

Although I have been known as the chick who auditioned for "Hole", I am so much more! I pride myself as the girl in the pink spandex dress with the sweaty breasts in the very first Teen Set Magazine video. I saw the tape recently in KMART on the $3.00 rack...many of those black mail tapes have escaped to Canada and Australia as well.

I like to think of life as a smorgasbord/buffet...why order the same dish and be stuck with it when you can sample a little bit of everything, have no regrets and be completely satisfied?????

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