It started in my parent's living room, listening to Barry Manilow records. My family used to listen to this wizard of hits and sing right along with him together. It was an opportunity to get our voices loose and have some fun. Then there was the day that I got a "45" of The Dave Clark Five's called "Bits and Pieces"; I immediately fell in love with Rock! I went to an Oak Ridge Boys concert in Seattle when I was twelve and loved live performance, but I was remiss when I didn't make it to the Stryper concert at Bellingham High when I was in 9th grade. Then came the fascination with 50's and 60's rock, which in the 80's was pretty en vogue. I sang a medley at the school talent show with some friends and it went off pretty good. I tried the choir, but was turned off by all the rules-blending=absolutely nothing interesting or fun!

Then came U2, undoubtedly my biggest influence. I loved the emotion in all of their songs-not singing of ridiculous relationships gone wrong, but rather about hope and the uncertainty of youth. I love U2 and believe they did the most to shape who I am. College brought on infatuations with Jane's Addiction, The Chili Peppers, and Soundgarden. I spent most of my time studying Soundgarden's style-I loved it! Power and fury within the confines of melodic music-wonderful. Then came the Led Zepplin, Doors, and James Brown phase. All three of these were instrumental in getting me through college and helping me to develop a style of my own. Finally, I have recently been pretty impressed with the female artists which have risen up like Sheryl Crow, Sarah McLaughlin, PJ Harvey, Luscious Jackson, and The Corrs. I saw many shows after college began and became enamored with the idea of performing. I love bands, guys or girls with acoustic guitars, and some funky rhythm to accompany it.

Music should move people, but the world is a difficult place now as we expect to be entertained by the look of the band more than the sound of the band. I love to sit and hear the feel of the band. A lot of good music out there now-and I am so glad to be part of it! Escape Mediocrity and spread out!

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Band history-
#1-Age 16-50's, 60's crew
#2-Age 17-U2 cover Band-sang "Bad", and "Running to Stand Still"
#3-Age 19-Cain's Libido-Drummer/Singer/Sonwriter
#4-Age 21-Gypsy Sandcastle-Drummer/Singer/Songwriter
#5-Age 23-Black-Singer/Songwriter/Acoustic Guitar
#6-Age 30-Middle Eight-Singer/Songwriter/Acoustic Guitar

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