Welcome to Mark’s gig page!

We are in the process of planning shows for 2008 and need your help!  We have started working with a new site called Eventful.com and would like to invite you to go to www.eventful.com and start a demand for Mark to play in your town!  The more demands we get for specific areas, the easier it will be for us to book a show for Mark in that area.  Once you start a demand, go ahead and place a sticker on your MySpace and Facebook pages and any other web spaces you have.  Then start telling your friends about your demand and either get them to add on to your demand, or have them start their own demand for their town!  This will give us a better idea of where we should try to set up shows!

We would also love to hear from all of you about any venues in your area that would be great places for indie artists to play.  We go out as a band, but I also love to tour as a solo artist and play acoustic shows, and in the right situations, house parties!  So drop us a note and let us know of the places you like to go to listen to live music!

Let’s work on this together and keep checking back to see how your demand is doing!

Thanks as always for your support – we can’t do this without you!!!