I was lost in the haze of my mind
Couldn’t find the reason to push by your light
Couldn’t find a way
I thought you’d say to stay
Never thought you’d push me down just to pull me back

I was alone - I was only 17
I was alone

Is this the best that life can give
Wonder if I’ve asked too much for you to forgive
Wanna leave this town
Why would you hold me down
I should have heard what you said - your silence was so loud


Couldn’t direct my love
I was lost in the season
Couldn’t connect my love
Lost without your rhythm
I suspect your love was fading - and sliding

Then she came to me all alone
Felt the hope drift past replaced by her way
So then I had a way
She asked me to stay
Now I trust she’ll never fade and let me go back

Words and Music: Mark Wright and David Caron
Copyright 2005 Rockola Music Co. All Rights Reserved