This is my family - you give me all that you can
I want to love you - and reach you in the end
You get me up and push the dark away
There’s only one way to function in this game

You got to stand tall and rise
You got to let go of the prize
You got to come strong and dive
‘Til there’s nothing more to give

You let me push you and stumble on my mouth
I can’t believe this - where we are right now
You love my song and make me feel at home
With you beside me I’ve never been alone


Sometimes I ask more than you can take
And I push too hard expecting you might break
The stain remains until we pull away
Soon its mark is quickly washed away

And there’s nothin’ more to give

You paint your future and let go of your past
I wanna watch you get fit, firm, and fast
I came to this chance alone and afraid
And when I leave there’ll be a foundation laid

Words and Music: Mark Wright and David Caron
Copyright 2005 Rockola Music Co. All Rights Reserved