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Thanks for checking out Mark Wright’s street team. We are here to help spread the word about Mark’s music and hope you will join the team! Here are some things we can do to help spread the word anywhere and everywhere possible:

• Adding one of Mark's songs on your MySpace home page is a great way to spread the word.
• Adding Mark to the Top of your Top Friends List.
• Sending emails and telling all your friends about Mark.
• Handing out flyers and other Mark goodies at events.
• Adding Mark Wright to your list of favorite artists and music.
• Go to and start a demand for Mark to come and play a show in your area. Once you set up the demand put the demand sticker on your MySpace, Facebook, and any of your other spaces. Then let all of your friends know about the demand and encourage them to support your demand or start their own for the town they live in.
• Adding one of Mark’s banners to your site and posting in other places (Be considerate please).
• You can start and head up a street team in your own area if there isn’t one going already!
• Calling local radio stations, especially high school, college and public radio stations and asking them to play Mark’s CD. See radio page for more information coming soon!
• For those of you who are in touch with promoters in your areas, let them know about Mark and ask them to contact us about having Mark play a show in your town.
• Let us know about any house concerts that are held in your area.
• Post to Mark’s forum and talk to other street team members – share ideas and work together to come up with ideas to promote Mark’s music!
• and anything else we (or you) can think of – BE CREATIVE!!!!!

Street Team Etiquette/Netiquette – Please remember to be professional in your efforts! You are part of Mark’s promotion team and our goal is to increase the amount of people who know about Mark and his music. We don’t want to tick anyone off or create bad feelings in the process. We don’t encourage, or support, spamming in any form! Please be considerate when promoting in any format – online or on the street! Don’t put flyers where they are illegal or unwanted! Respect the community and the environment! Represent Mark, and yourself, in the best light possible and we will gain friends and fans!!

We encourage your ideas and energy so if you have ideas please let us know! We are just getting this off the ground so please be patient as we set things up. In the meantime you can join the team, and begin helping Mark by using some of the ideas listed above. Hop over to the forum and post what you’re doing and share ideas with other team members! Let us know what types of benefits you would like to earn as members of Mark’s street team.

Basically we are trying to get anyone who will listen to check out Mark's music any way we can. We intend to make this the most effective and FUN street team that's out there - let's go tell the world about Mark Wright!!!!! Thanks for believing!!!! We can’t do it without you!!! Follow the sign up link below to join The Believers!!!

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