This Is My Story


Recording the past and the present for the future!

While listening to a grandparent tell stories from their childhood, have you ever thought how much you would cherish preserving those stories and sharing them with future generations? Ever wished you had a recording of a loved one’s voice? Would you like to read a favorite poem or story your grandchild can enjoy more than once? Dianne and David Caron, owners of This Is My Story, would like to help you preserve those precious memories and stories.

Their recording service allows you to record and preserve stories, oral histories and question and answer sessions between friends and family members, This is an opportunity to create meaningful personal experiences by asking the questions that never get asked because the right time or opportunity never arises—questions such as, What are the most important lessons you’ve learned in life ? How did you and dad meet? Do you have any favorite stories from your childhood? Choose from their list of questions or write your own.

A grandparent living across the country from their grandchildren can be a part of their bedtime routine by recording a CD of bedtime stories and songs, maybe ones they told to their children. A parent with a terminal illness can record their advice, hopes and dreams for their children. Siblings can record memories of their parents for a 50 th wedding anniversary. And with Mother’s Day coming up, a This Is My Story recording session makes a special gift between a child and their mother. The list of possibilities goes on and on.

David and Dianne simplify the whole process. They can record your stories at Seventh Heaven Studios, their professional recording studio, located just 15 minutes north of Bellingham. Or the setting can be a location of your choosing. They will handle all the details, even providing you with a list of possible questions to ask. You will receive a 45-minute CD with the audio from your session, safely held in a jewel case with session details and a photo of the people in the recording session.

Interviews can be scheduled at the studio for $99.95, or David and Dianne can come to your location for $150 (discounts are available for more than one recording session done at a remote location, such as a retirement or nursing home). Gift certificates are available.