Instructions for Recording Your Story

  • Choose an interview partner , like a parent, grandparent, sibling, or friend. (All participants must be ten years old or older.)
  • Make a reservation for a “This Is My Story” recording session. Call Seventh Heaven Studios at (360) 398-2846 or email us at The cost, including one CD of the recording, is $99.95 at our studios, or $150.00 if we come to your site. Additional travel fees may be added if you are outside our normal travel areas. Discounts will be given if more than 3 people set up individual interviews at a remote location site, such as a senior center, adult living community, church, or other central location. Each additional CD copy will be charged at $00.00 each.
  • Conduct your interview or tell your story. You'll have up to one hour maximum for the interview. Our facilitator will sit with you, making a digital recording with professional quality equipment. We will guide you and your interview partner through the process and make you feel comfortable. You can write your own questions, you can choose from our list of suggested questions, or a combination of both.
  • Take home a copy of the interview on CD . We will put your interview on a CD, including a digital picture taken with the participants at the time of the interview as the cover, and include a written message, or sentiment of yours on the inside of the CD cover. It may take up to two days to get your final CD completed depending on the volume of sessions at the time. Please note: If you have a picture of your own that you would like to have on the CD Cover it must be given to us in digital form. We cannot be responsible for the quality of pictures provided by the client. We suggest very high resolution pictures in order to get a better quality CD cover.